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You will love our easy-to-administer once a day oral allergy treatment. Tailored to your pet’s needs, allerpaws is shown to be as effective as shots.

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Finally a USDA approved alternative to allergy shots —  allerpaws oral allergy treatment. Get Started Now to receive your special introductory offer!

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What is Oral Allergy Treatment?

SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) is an effective alternative to allergy shots. And dosing your pet is easy with our single-metered spray.

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About Nelco Vet

We have provided allergy testing and treatment products for more than 35 years. As the first USDA-approved supplier of an oral allergy treatment spray product for your pets, we are a valued partner to veterinarians nationwide.

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Most of your questions can be answered by visiting our FAQ page. Your veterinarian can also help you understand allergy testing and treatment. Be sure to ask about allerpaws — an easy and painfree alternative to allergy shots.